Door Repair

As a business you rely on your doors to work properly and lock securely. Sometimes that is not the case.

Doors brake down for many reasons, due to heavy traffic and the longevity of replacement hardware. Insuring you replace them with the correct OEM parts and professional installation can extend the life time span of your aluminum doors or frameless glass doors.

*Below is a list of frequent repairs that you might need.
Door closer replacement. We use durable closers from reputable suppliers like Dorma® and LCN.

Aluminum door’s hinge replacement. Those are the offset center and butt pivots that can worn out from multiple use or strong wind.

Door handle and push bar replacement. Those can detach or fall down due to heavy use as well.

Automatic Operators. In case you need an ADA compliant door, these operators will ensure accessibility to handicapped customers.

Continuous Geared Hinge Installation**. This can be a very pleasant option when both door pivots are damaged and the repair cost is too expensive.

*Many doors will require on site inspection before determining appropriate replacements.

**We charge a service fee of $450 for commercial doors geared hinge installation up 84″ and $650 for doors up to 96″. Labor & parts incl.